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Best Pizza in Grand Rapids

July 12, 2018 | By The Blehm Group

With so many options in Grand Rapids for good food, it really becomes a battle on figuring out what to eat. With over 800 (!) options to choose from in the Grand Rapids area, it's apparent that you'll probably need some help deciding at one point or another.

This is where we come in. Your real-estate experts turned pizza-experts have some community opinions (and our own!) to share with you so we can all determine the burning question: who has the best pizza in GR?

We'll start with the top 5 community consensus from Reddit's subreddit r/grandrapids

#5- Salvatore's

This Grand Rapids staple from 1976 features the 'taste of grand rapids' pizza which has won some awards, notably the Best Pizza in West Michigan, People's Choice Awards and Best Neighborhood Restaurant Awards.

#4- Big Bob's

An east Grand Rapids gem, Big Bob's is located in the heart of Gaslight village. There are many glaringly positive reviews on the company Facebook Page about their pizza, and also highly regarded on Reddit. Be sure to check this one out.

#3- Harmony Hall

Aside from making recent news with their expansion, Harmony Hall has some great food (and beer!). Make sure to get one of these delivered to your house soon (they'll deliver the beer too).

#2- Martha's Pizza

A heritage hill marquee store/pizza joint, Marthas received nothing but good praise for their pizzas. With over 15 options, you'll definitely find something good.

#1 - The Mitten

Seemingly the overwhelming consensus of the best pizza in Grand Rapids, the Mitten features some amazing pizza combinations such as a hot dog pizza, a mac and cheese pizza, and even a chicken and waffle pizza. If you cannot decide which one you want to try, you have the option of a PIZZA FLIGHT. From their site: "Sample any six of our specialty pizzas, including our weekly special. Served on a wooden paddle, this meal feeds up to four. No modifications or substitutions!"


Some of our employee favorites are a little different, however:

Cameron says that a Regular pepperoni from Vito's Pizza is unbeatable.

Lauren says a Margherita from The Mitten is the best.

Ann says Fricanos in general.

Val says a pepperoni from Fricanos as well.

Heidi says a ham and pepperoni from Carmelo's is the best.

Yvette says a Carmelo’s Special from Carmelo’s Pizzeria in Caledonia.

Nathan says a Meat Lovers thin crust from Arenas Pizza in Rockford.

Eric has a not so local favorite in Papa Johns' bacon, pineapple & black olive.

Jim has an international favorite apparently -- Margherita pizza from the pizza shop (?) in San Pellegrino Italy. *eyeroll*