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How to Prep your Lawn for Spring

March 6, 2018 | By The Blehm Group

March came in like a lion, but we are still optimistic about an early spring. Is your yard looking a little rough? Here are some tips on how to prepare your lawn for spring. 

  1. Clean-up
    Spring clean-up is just as it sounds: prep your lawn by picking up leaves, twigs, and any other debris that made your lawn its home the past few months. We recommend rakes as a great tool or air blowers for this. 
  2. Application
    As soon as spring shows her face, use a fertilizer combo with pre-emergent. This feeds your grass and includes an herbicide to prevent things like crabgrass. In two months apply this again along with a broadleaf killer. Many lawn care brands offer a combination of these which keeps costs down.
  3. Mow
    Don’t wait to mow. Mow early! When you let your grass grow too long and mow too infrequently at the beginning of spring, it stunts the roots so they don’t reproduce properly. Try to mow every five days for the first six weeks. You will see a thicker lawn. 
  4. Mulch
    Edge your beds, trim any dead branches on shrubs, and replace your mulch. 
  5. Wait to seed
    If you have brown patches to fill in your yard, the application of pre-emergent and weed killer will also prevent any seeds from germinating. Use fertilizer instead and in a few weeks shoots will grown to fill in the brown spots. If the areas are too big, you may want to consider sod.