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National Grilled Cheese Day in GR

April 9, 2018 | By The Blehm Group

This Thursday is NATIONAL GRILLED CHEESE DAY! If you’re jumping up for joy thinking “FINALLY,” don’t worry. We are too. And good news for you: GR has some really incredible grilled cheese. 

          Uncle Cheetah’s 

          1133 Wealthy St SE

          Grand Rapids, MI 49506
          Grilled cheese lovers rejoice: Uncle Cheetas is renowned for their amazing grilled cheese and they offer EIGHT options to choose from. Included in their variety are  vegan and meat options all with the ability to be gluten free if you choose. Our favorites are tied between The Old Goat that has rosemary goat cheese, white cheddar, and mozzarella, and The Porker with Boursin cheese, white cheddar, shaved ham, and bacon on garlic herb bread. Stop by Uncle Cheetah’s today for a grilled cheese and cup of soup.

          95 Monroe Center St SW
          Grand Rapids, MI 49503
          The Littlebird is The Earlybird’s sister restaurant and we LOVE IT. Their brunch is incredible with their grilled cheese being no exception. Cheddar, mature gouda, and dill pickles on Japanese milk bread come together to create something magical. You also have the option to add crisp pork belly for a few extra bucks. Let us say: it’s worth it.

          The Green Well 
          924 Cherry St SE
          Grand Rapids, MI 49506
          The Green Well is one of our favorite restaurants in GR for many reasons - one of them being their local menu with a ton of variety. Their Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwich is out of this world. Ham, white cheddar, swiss, a fried egg on Field & Fire sourdough is served with tomato soup because they know that pair is perfect together.

          Marie Catrib’s 
          1001-1003 Lake Dr SE
          Grand Rapids, MI 49503
          We love Marie Catrib’s. It’s no surprise that of all of their amazing offerings, the Marie’s Grilled Cheese makes our list. With feta, goat cheese, cream cheese, olive oil, cracked red pepper, fresh basil, and tomato on our favorite grilled branny oat bread - yes, this is a winner. Pair it with a cup of soup or one of their amazing deli salad sides. We love the roasted root veggies and the Mother Earth salad. 

          Butcher’s Union 
          435 Bridge St
          Grand Rapids, MI 49504
          You might think: why go to a restaurant that specializes in meat and get a grilled cheese? Because it’s that good. Their grilled triple cheese has cheddar, swiss, Colby, caramelized onions, cheese sauce, tomato jam, haystacks, and scallions all on Field & Fire sourdough. It’s complex and simple at the same time and amazing with some meatballs on the side or a slab or their peppercorn bacon if you’re into that. We are.